Voice of nature is a collective artistic fabulation, based on long-term projects dedicated to climate justice and ecocide. Attempting care and justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices.
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Ingrid Vranken

Artistic Contributions |

Dramaturgy for voice of nature: THE TRIAL

As curator, producer and dramaturg, Ingrid's work focuses on connecting the arts and ecology, not only as a theme of artistic work, but also as a way to transform artistic processes and practices. Her research focusses on new collaborative, curatorial and dramaturgical models, and a wider ecological and post-capitalist transition, that include non-humans. She is a member of FoAM, a transdisciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life. She is a graduate student in Expanded Curation at DAStheatre in Amsterdam, a two-year practice-based research master, where she looks into "Thinking like a forest" as an artistic, curatorial and ultimately organizational attitude.

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