The kinstitute is an artistic fabulation, questioning, imagining and co-creating new forms of environmental justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices.
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Common Dreams School

Common Dreams:flotation school is a mobile prototype for a survival climate school, that can travel and adapt to other cities in collaborative alliances with local universities, art institutions and sustainable organizations.
The school is designed around a collective process in accordance to the four elements (air-water-earth-fire), as an attempt to rethink our notions of survival in relation to geopolitical earthly resources.
The approach is a transdiciplinare collaborative process in dialogue with art students and/ or with experts from the fields of political ecology, sustainability, economy, agriculture, holism, activism, science and architecture.
As a methodology, we propose a critical reflection on what “ pedagogy in arts” means today and can do for us, and how this approach can influence the climate political emergency.
The main topics are : education- ecology-shelter- sustainability-social-economy- resources- cosmologies
Every edition of the school has different format depending on the location and collaboration, it can take be in the format of a floating raft on the lake, or a tend in the forest, or it simply an interventions in public space or lecture and debates.


Fifth edition (2021-22) In collaboration with Least - laboratoire écologie et art pour une société en transition and Sismondi College Students, Geneve

Fourth edition (2020-21) Co-produced by CIFAS, Brussels / production Wpzimmer

Third edition (2020-21) Co-produced by far° festival des arts vivants Nyon and HEAD – Genève / production HIROS

Second edition (2019) Co-produced by Contour Biennale 9, "Coltan as Cotton”, Straathoekwerk Mechelen and Klimaatneutraal Mechelen and in collaboration with Piraten van de Dijle, Mechelen

First edition (2017-18) Co-produced by Kunstencentrum Vooruit, City of Gent, Kask School of Arts, MEDS Network- "urban haven", Gent