The kinstitute is an artistic fabulation, questioning, imagining and co-creating new forms of environmental justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices.
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Contract 1 - Gent, Belgium

Cherish natural light
Try to preserve coral reefs.
Grow a melon tree
Ich möchte mich weiter
und weiter informieren
und meine Handlungen
bestimmen & klare Ent-
scheidungen treffen.
Besonders in Hinsicht
auf „Material Choices“
im Bereich „Ceramics“.
Living with it.
Starting a medicinal herb garden.
Actif luisteren
En kaarsje aansteken
Mar naaste liefde
We doen allen te noet.
Duwen wonen in het moment
Koral / Water
minder plastic – less plastic
herstellen van natuurlijke bacterien in het water
Bewister zijn – Be more conscious
Pompoenen planten in mijn straat
No plastic bags
Use less plastic
Met de flics naar de bakker op zondag
Give more food (compost) to earth
Koraalriffen, ik ga minder plastiek verpakkingen kopen
Verzorgen aller en iederen.
Zonger voor de dieren
Veganistisch blijven
Zero waste

Contract 2 - Gent, Belgium

I will hang a photo/drawing of a recently extinct species at my front window
Plant trees
Extinction, Rebellion, Civil Disobedience
Dear W, I will not let a drop fall for nothing.
Listening to your inner self.
I want to climb mount skiddouw again – put a tent on it & sleep there for 3 days in a row.
Protect the spiders and their webs. Keep the insects alive.
Nooit meer gebruiken dan wat je nodje hebt. Natur meer asraken
Honour water before opening any tap,…
Tomeloos respect voor wat de zon geeft aan leven
Global restoration
Stop eating octopuses
Stop taking a plane
Heart connection
To plant a forest in every country he orbed in.
Rewilding & connecting with wolves
I will eat less, fly less, wash less and enjoy life
Buy local food
Clean & maintain my close environment
Show/teach compassion to those who have everything to loose
Extinct plants rouwen
Use more pencils, less pens
Keep protesting
Collect trash/plastic on the beach
I want to invite a panda to the trial. In dedication to the panda, I will slide down a slide.
Involve children/teenagers in nature connection
Show my son the beauty of morning dew on the grass
I want to swim in salt water more often.
Use less plastic.

Contract 3 - Gent, Belgium

Tomorrow I’ll visit my favorite, but cut Japanese knotweed
Cotton mosquito net
Rewild & meeting up with wolves
Collect garbage and plastic on our sea/ocean road trips
Shake hands with the cow farmer
Drink one glass of the Mediterranean Sea
Respect water
Remove plastic & garbage out of the reefs in my neighborhood
Keep preserving nature the best I can
Action to poetical world
Take a long solitary walk in nature
I will use/rent only electric cars
I won’t buy any new crystals anymore for myself, only as a gift to others.
Bewust reizen! – Travel consciously
I will no longer buy any cosmetic containing petroleum
Een lange boswandeling met Jean-Claude Juncker
We start in our garden
I will listen to the trees and waterfalls
Self-control of wasteful consumption
Gaia, our earth, I will touch her and love her. We don’t own her, but are her custodians.
Lobby for justice for the Chevron case
Dig up the cat I buried in the garden in a pink box
Reconnect with nature in order to feel. Then I don’t need much more to feel content like you. And hug. Touch.
Try to be nude as much as possible, to experience the air on the skin, to reconnect with my own nature.
Tell the story of my ancestors (mum) who loved and respected nature, even when making use of it.
Write a letter
Give a big hug
Go to Mururoa testing grounds.
Take it to the streets. Civil disobedience -> protest & politicizing socio-ecological problems
Planting vegetables with my best friends.