The kinstitute is an artistic fabulation, questioning, imagining and co-creating new forms of environmental justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices.
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Guardian of nature - Cosmic diplomacy

Ongoing since 2017

Can we speak in behalf of a more than human in a court room?

This is a immersive tale based on a transformative processes to become a guardian of nature in the context of the project voice of nature: the trial
This long duration process started with a first ritual during Summer Solstice 21st of June 2017 (ongoing) and it was triggered by conversations with victims of environmental crimes, nature-protectors, activists, lawyers and spiritual leaders. Among them Starhawk, Sarayaku community (EQ), UDAPT(EQ) and Lakota community, (Standing Rock).

The idea of guardian of nature is a response to the many legal challenges we face to speak in behalf of a more than then human in a court room. Juridically, in court it is required a “guardian” to speak in behalf of earth beings, but are we able to honour the history and the body of a river? And if the river would speak, what would it say?
In this artistic research, I try to transform, surrender with all my senses to listen to rivers, mountains, trees, animals, polluted waters, damaged landscapes and broken human systems

Cosmic diplomacy, is an ongoing trajectory that can be experienced in the followings formats:
Becoming exercises
Guardian of nature coaching
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Research supported by:
Wpzimmer, WorkspaceBrussels, Mostnica Gorge, Voje Valley, Adriatic sea, Quechuan/ Sarayaku, Standing Rock Reservation North Dakota, Atlantic Ocean, Lagoa do Congro, Ikaria, Andros, Borgoyen.

more info on the legal procedures to become a guardian in a european context:
on Legal procedures to become a guardian in a European context

"To reclaim means to struggle but also to heal and become able to confront what you struggle against without becoming like it. To win, then, would not mean that you have proved stronger than the other, by using the same kind of force. It would mean that you have connected with other forces, or cultivated the resurgence of forces we were separated from. Resurgence is a very interesting word, which connects a past marked by eradication and the event of the return of what should have been destroyed—not as the identical same but as gifted with the capacity to challenge the state of affairs that took for granted its disappearance."
Isabelle Stengers