The kinstitute is an artistic fabulation, questioning, imagining and co-creating new forms of environmental justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices.
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How can artistic practices help us reopening the gates of our perception and deepen our relationship with the more-than-human world? How can animistic values of interconnectedness, stewardship, compassion help us embodying a more caring relation with earth beings?

I’m searching for experiences beyond human comprehension, features of unknown, unfamiliar, both in natural and artificial landscapes. I‘m not searching for realism. I’m hunting magic.

This long duration process started with a first ritual during Summer Solstice 21st of June 2017 (ongoing), and has been archived in the format of rituals scores, performative photographs, short videos and texts. An immersive tale of a transformative processes to become a guardian of nature.

But what does it mean to be a guardian of nature in a european context? Cecilia Vicuña, says we are "We are all indigenous but we have forgotten it".

This compilation of scores is an archive of multispecies embodiments, dehumanising tools and reconciling gestures with and for the earth beings. Through the use of performative rituals, animistic experiences, cosmic dialogues, meditations, incantations, I've tried to create rites of solidarity and equality with the natural world and the four elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire.
The following exercises, are personal tools, which I invite you to experiment with an awareness that we all dialogue in different ways, we all have our personal gateway to different forms of sensing the world beyond our human perception. You also have yours !

You are very welcome to experiment with these exercises, and share your process-photos- ideas- questions/reflections with me and as well if you feel a synergy get in touch.