Voice of nature Kinstitute is an artistic platform for Environmental Justice, based on long-term investigations dedicated to environmental crimes, ecocide and the possibilities of proposing environmental justice through artistic, juridical, ritualistic and restorative justice practices to find a collective language between humans and other than humans, focused on inter-being, intersectionality and reciprocal care.
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Exercise 7

Get a kilo of sardines in the market, take it to the sea, river or lake. Bring a knife and clean the sardines one by one. Cut the head first, make a lateral incision with your knife, clean all the remainings. When you are done, use the heads you separately collected in a bucket. Take them in your hands, enter the water with your hands full of heads, float on the water, and let the fish come to eat out of your hands.
Do it over again until you finish the heads. Afterward, eat the rest of the sardines or give them to someone who would appreciate eating them.